Project Description

Agency: National Institute of Educational Testing Service

National Educational Testing Institute is a public organization established to manage and carry out continuous education, research, development and educational evaluation services continuously. It is also a national and international educational testing cooperation center.

Teletrol-One Co., Ltd. has been entrusted to install computer system, software and network system used in all missions of the institutions to support the use of information technology, including database system of candidates, database system of examination candidate, database of examination results, admission system, payment systems, examination system, system examination seat, the result announcing system of every institution examination such as the national basic education for grade 6, 9, 12 (O-NET), National Educational Testing System for Non-Formal Education (N-NET), National Islamic Educational Testing (I-NET), National Vocational Education Testing (V-NET), National Buddhism Educational Testing (B-NET), GAT / PAT Testing, and Fundamentals of 7 subjects testing. The system can accommodate about 3,000,000 students per year. With the work and the responsibility to operate, the company has been entrusted to operate since 2008 with the development, modernization, use of technology to manage.

Nowadays, Data Center and Disaster and Recovery Site have been effective, fast and easy to use. The information system of the institute is the same background for standardized, reliable service as part of the mission of testing and evaluating national education according to educational standards at all levels and all types of education to provide the qualification and commitment to be the test institute for international standard education among the country.