Project Description

Agency: Bangkok Metropolitan Administration

It was the first time that computer systems were adopted in the operation of public service and the quality of life in Bangkok for example installation and development of the network of Mini Computer for 50 offices, 9 departments and 1 division of computer system development, as well as to develop the system using 62 computer servers and 434 workstations to provide the convenience, speed, and efficiency to the district offices and populations. Also, the system able to proceed the information for information management and decisions of the administrator more effectively. With the quality of work, the company has been entrusted with the installation of online computer systems with the new public service program under the project name The “One Stop Service” as a pilot project initiated at the Ratchathewi district office and later expanded to 15 districts. It was a change of service platform to be modern, fast and became the beginning of the government services system in that time.